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Boots to Cyber

Mission: Train, hire, and redeploy veterans as cyber warriors to defend public and private organizations against cyber warfare.

Vision: Reduce veteran suicide with bridge from warfighter to cyber warrior and continue to defend the Nation to fill the 3.4 million worldwide cybersecurity workforce gap.

Why choose Boots to Cyber?

Veterans bring exceptional skills to the cyber industry

Veterans work well in teams and cyberwarfare can’t be fought alone.

Veterans are trained to protect and defend.

Veterans get the job done during difficult and stressful situations.

Veterans rapidly adapt to changing situations.

Create a bridge from active-duty service to cybersecurity careers

Cybersecurity skills grow and strengthen on the job, not in a classroom.

We help veterans discover their own path into a specific cyber role.

We provide certifications, real-world experience, and job shadowing for veterans to begin cyber careers immediately after service.

Transition for veterans will be smoother when a rewarding career is awaiting them.

Boots to Cyber is 100% owned and led by veterans who understand the struggle with transition .

Together, we have several decades of experience defending our nation and businesses in cyberwarfare.