Servant Leaders

Passionate Team. Selfless Service.

Boots to Cyber, founded by six veterans from the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, seeks to serve one another, fellow veterans, and continued service to our Nation.

The Nation trusted us to defend our country; businesses trust us to defend their organizations. We know what it means to serve and seek excellence in all we do.  This dedication to service is a commitment we extend to one another and customers alike.  Our goal is to establish long-term relationships, serve as cybersecurity warriors, and harden businesses to withstand attacks from all enemies, foreign and domestic. As a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), Boots to Cyber provides CyberSecurity as a Service (CSaaS) to assess the security posture of public and private organizations, implement based on specific security needs, then execute and manage security processes to enable organizations to focus on their primary mission.

With Boots to Cyber CSaaS, our cybersecurity and intelligence experts monitor 24x7x365 and alert you of security events within the organization and its perimeter. We perform offensive security testing to pinpoint the weak links within organization networks, web apps, cloud, and IoT environments. Through Governance, Risk & Compliance, we instill processes and procedures to mitigate risk and address compliance to secure the organization.  It is our goal to serve public and private organizations with the standards of excellence to which we have become accustomed to exceed every expectation.

According to the Department of Defense, the scope and pace of malicious cyber activity continue to rise, globally. Cyber warriors are key to mission effectiveness across the DoD and with 3.4 million unfilled positions worldwide, the extreme shortage of cyber warriors significantly increases the risk to the Nation.

Boots to Cyber is on mission to train, hire, and redeploy veterans as cyber warriors, close the gap in the talent shortage, and continue to serve our Nation in cyber warfare.  Veterans were made to serve and the record number of veteran suicides a day indicates their need to serve and defend isn’t being met.  Given this new mission, it is our goal to eliminate this devastating statistic by equipping them to embark on a new mission, to leverage their high standards of excellence, and critical mission execution.

Our Core Values

1. Be Accurate, Bold, & Concise

2. Be Respectful

3. Be Human